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Even in 140 characters, content is king

Who says social media exists strictly behind the screen of a computer or mobile device?

LAF_9575 - Version 2On March 19, I’ll be extending it into the real world, at a presentation hosted by IABC Detroit. My talented friend Amanda Lewan and I will be leading a panel discussion on social media.

Here’s the scoop.

IABC Detroit Presents:
“Content is King – How Storytelling Steers Social Media”

Wednesday, March 19 – Noon to 1:30 p.m.
Allegra, 47585 Galleon Drive, Plymouth

Join our panel discussion with Amy Lynn Smith, writer, strategist and contributor to Michigan’s Eclectablog, and 2012 Deputy Digital Director for Obama for America-Michigan, and Amanda Lewan, founder and editor of Michipreneur, an online community for Michigan startups and creatives. Amanda is a professional storyteller and her personal blog on Digital Storytelling is a featured blog for The Macomb Daily.

Amy and Amanda will share proven tactics on creating an effective social media strategy, how to establish a voice and a following, how to curate and push out content that makes the biggest impact on each social media platform and how to keep the “social” in social media. They’ll also cover how to
spice up social media promotions with traditional storytelling methods, practical digital storytelling tips and strategies, and tips for growing an online community from the ground up.

amanda lewanSounds like fun, right? I’m looking forward to it. Especially because I know this audience will value Amanda’s emphasis on storytelling — and my firm belief that the fundamental principles of good communication apply everywhere, including on social media.

The cost of the event is $25 for IABC members and $35 for non-members. You can register via PayPal at IABC Detroit’s website.

If you have questions, contact Nancy Skidmore via email or at 248-546-5490.

[Photo credits: Top – LAF Lines Photography; Bottom – Courtesy of Amanda Lewan.]

Confessions of a Procrastinator: Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying + Love the Blog

The moment my web design team said, “Your website absolutely has to have a blog,” I knew this would happen: I’d struggle to keep up with a regular schedule of blog posts.

It’s not that I can’t keep to a schedule. That’s something I do very well, every day. But keeping up with a daily or even semi-regular blog seemed daunting. When would I find time? There are plenty of subjects that interest me, but would they be of value to anyone else?

Not to mention that I am a procrastinator. Not about the things that matter. Give me a deadline and I’ll meet it. But without a deadline, I’m sunk.

So although I won’t promise to blog every day, I am going to set aside a few minutes every day to write, just for me. Hopefully what I write will have merit for this blog. Some of it may not. But sharing my opinions and expertise on writing, communications, creativity and life in general will be another way to flex my writing muscles and, I hope, result in content that will appeal to others.

I’ll have the chance to ponder topics during some time off I’ve scheduled. My blog is a new exploration and I’m excited about digging deeper.

Right after my vacation.

Baby Needs a New Pair of Shoes

Why a website? And why now? Good questions. The answer to both is the same: It was time.

I really should have created a website years ago, but I was always too busy writing for my clients. Not a bad “problem” to have.

Still, I was like the cobbler whose kid goes barefoot. My Facebook page was like flip-flops. Now, I’ve finally got a great pair of shoes for my baby: my writing business.

I certainly didn’t do it alone. Some people who are extremely good at their craft made it possible for me to showcase mine.

It’s about time I finally took this step. Stay tuned for those to follow.