What Others Say
About Me

“Amy is one of the smartest people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. She’s a strategic communicator and talented writer. After giving her an overview of our Obama for America-Michigan digital content strategy, she took it and ran with it — telling a compelling and passionate story of the President’s local staff, supporters and volunteers.”
Sara Cederberg

“We turned to Amy Lynn Smith to help communicate Design With Heart’s unique point of view. Amy took the time to understand our goals and succeeded in expressing our brand beautifully — across a wide spectrum of both print and web-based applications. Amy is amazing to work with because in addition to being incredibly talented, she cares about the brand we’re building as much as we do.”
Jason Bradley-Krauss

“Amy is the kind of writer you want to turn to if you want high-quality work delivered to you on time and in a friendly way. Amy is an excellent writer and is skilled at taking complex health information and determining which parts of it will be relevant to the average healthcare consumer/patient, how to write and organize it in an understandable and logical format, and most critically, how to make sure that it is still evidence-based and medically-sound. On top of that, Amy is very reliable, organized, and dependable, providing updates throughout long-term projects and never missing a deadline. Amy’s work is solid, and I highly recommend working with her!”
Beccah Rothschild

“Amy has worked on numerous writing projects for me and has always turned in a top-notch product. She is extremely professional, an excellent writer, very thorough in her approach to the work/research and always a pleasure to work with. She has become one of my main ‘go-to’ writers for just about any type of writing project. I know when I assign something to Amy, it will be well executed — without fail.”
Lillian Lorenzi

“Before we started working together, two colleagues practically insisted that I contact Amy if I needed writing and editing help. It didn’t take long to see why. She knows what she’s doing; she does it well; people love working with her and talking to her; and in a pinch she’ll save your bacon every time.”
Jeff Gaydos

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