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Confessions of a Procrastinator: Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying + Love the Blog

The moment my web design team said, “Your website absolutely has to have a blog,” I knew this would happen: I’d struggle to keep up with a regular schedule of blog posts.

It’s not that I can’t keep to a schedule. That’s something I do very well, every day. But keeping up with a daily or even semi-regular blog seemed daunting. When would I find time? There are plenty of subjects that interest me, but would they be of value to anyone else?

Not to mention that I am a procrastinator. Not about the things that matter. Give me a deadline and I’ll meet it. But without a deadline, I’m sunk.

So although I won’t promise to blog every day, I am going to set aside a few minutes every day to write, just for me. Hopefully what I write will have merit for this blog. Some of it may not. But sharing my opinions and expertise on writing, communications, creativity and life in general will be another way to flex my writing muscles and, I hope, result in content that will appeal to others.

I’ll have the chance to ponder topics during some time off I’ve scheduled. My blog is a new exploration and I’m excited about digging deeper.

Right after my vacation.