issue advocacy

Communication does more than get the word out. It can change minds ā€” and change lives. I use writing and communication as activism, to engage and catalyze the public.

In healthcare, I educate people about engagement in their own wellness, from the doctor’s office to the ballot box. For the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) Innovation Service, I partner with them to tell stories about UNHCR’s commitment to finding more creative, collaborative and effective ways to work for and with refugees. For the American Foundation for the Blind, I help them develop messaging that can drive the kind of systems and social change that will create a world of no limits for people who are visually impaired. For clients such as Spitfire Strategies, I write about a wide range of topics for nonprofits and foundations including voting rights, education, healthcare, mass incarceration, social justice and more. In all my issue advocacy work, I help my clients strengthen their message and catalyze action through public awareness campaigns, social change messaging, public interest communications, coordinated advocacy and social media strategy.

I proudly served as Deputy Digital Director for Obama for America-Michigan in 2012, telling stories about their field organizing efforts. Iā€™m a contributor to Eclectablog, a widely respected political news and commentary blog.

Learn more about my work in this arena and read samples here.