Issue Advocacy

Communication does much more than get the word out.It can change minds — and change lives. I’m an expert in creating engaging content as a form of activism to catalyze the public, decision makers and more.

Whether you’re a nonprofit, foundation, communications agency or individual working to make the world a better place, I can plan and execute a cohesive, compelling multi-media messaging strategy.

For the UN Refugee Agency’s (UNHCR) Innovation Service, I partner with them to tell stories about UNHCR’s commitment to finding more creative, collaborative and effective ways to work for and with refugees. For the American Foundation for the Blind, I help them develop messaging that can drive the kind of systems and social change that will create a world of no limits for people who are visually impaired. For clients such as Spitfire Strategies, I write about a wide range of topics for nonprofits and foundations including voting rights, legislative issues, mass incarceration, social justice and more. In healthcare, I educate people about engagement in their own wellness, from the doctor’s office to the ballot box, including COVID-19 prevention.

In all my issue advocacy work, I help my clients strengthen their message and catalyze action through targeted awareness campaigns with a strong call to action, social change messaging, public interest communications, coordinated advocacy and social media strategy.

I proudly served as Deputy Digital Director for Obama for America-Michigan in 2012, telling stories about their field organizing efforts. I was also part of those field activities, as a Team Organizer, giving me a unique skill set: I’m well-suited to telling the story of an organization’s work in the field because I have the advantage of first-hand experience. Plus, I can combine communications and community organizing for highly effective outcomes.

I’ve been a contributor to Eclectablog, a widely respected political news and commentary blog, where I created story series on the Affordable Care Act‘s positive impact on people’s lives, the potential harms of Catholic hospital systems and the personal experiences of transgender people.

This testimonial about my extensive reporting advocating for Michigan Medicaid expansion from Eclectablog’s Chris Savage demonstrates exactly how my combined skills — particularly storytelling — can engage people, motivate action and deliver results:

“There is no question in my mind that, through her writing, Amy changed the conversation and that actions supporting it were taken that wouldn’t have been taken otherwise.”

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