Who is
Amy Lynn Smith?

Sometimes, it’s nice to know a little bit beyond the professional when you’re considering a working relationship.

I’m proud of my heritage. My mother was a journalism student and lifelong lover of language. My father was a well-respected writer, editor and communications expert. They taught me well, encouraging me to pursue excellence, value integrity and honor loyalty. Their passion for education inspired me to earn a Master of Arts in Mass Communication with a concentration in Public Interest Communication from the University of Florida, which awarded me Graduation with Distinction honors.

My interests are diverse, which makes me an even better writer and professional. I’ve worked in volunteer theatre as a director, actor and singer, and even wrote music and performed in a new-wave band back in the day. I devote time to volunteering, community-building and creative projects that expand my horizons and talents, strengthening my collaborative and leadership skills as well as my ability to publicly address groups with confidence.

I’m an avid fan of many things: music, theatre, film, TV, books and magazines, photography, art (essentially all pop culture), yoga and meditation, cooking, civics, animals — and I’m always finding new things to engage my interest. I have a curious mind, which is an excellent trait in someone who makes her living developing and communicating ideas.