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Nurses reflect humanity at its best

There are some stories I feel privileged to write. This is one of them.

MNA1Following the devastation caused by Typhoon Haiyan, nurses from all over the world have traveled to the Philippines to volunteer their time and talent.

I had the pleasure of telling the story of one of those nurses, Tim Launius, RN, of Michigan.

His story underscores the ongoing and compelling need for assistance in the Philippines. Equally important, it reveals humanity at its very best.

Read my post about Tim at Eclectablog.

Telling my own story

As a self-employed woman living with type 2 diabetes, I’ve had to pay top dollar for health insurance. The Affordable Care Act changed all that, and I was delighted to share my good-news story.

MicrophoneThe post I wrote for Eclectablog garnered national attention, and also caught the eye of Michigan’s Tony Trupiano, host of the ‘Night Shift with Tony Trupiano’ radio show.

Trupiano is producing a new podcast series, and I was delighted to be among his first guests. We discussed my experience with the Affordable Care Act and other issues related to healthcare reform.

You can listen in here.

Photo credit: Keith Bloomfield