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Bringing Shakespeare to life in Detroit

ShakespeareNothing makes me happier than telling good-news stories — especially when they’re about Detroit. It’s even better when one of these stories also happens to be about a friend.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Sam White, the founder and artistic director of Shakespeare in Detroit. What was once just a dream became a reality for one midsummer night in 2013, with a performance of Othello in Grand Circus Park. Now the company hopes to present three shows in Detroit in 2014, if they can reach their fundraising goal.

Read about the dream, and how you can help make it come true, in my post at Eclectablog.

Photo credit: Brian White

Inspiration, made in Detroit

All over the world, people are predicting Detroit’s imminent demise. But they don’t get it, because they aren’t here to see for themselves how much good is happening in the city. They just don’t know what we’re made of.

TEDxDetroit2A day spent at TEDxDetroit, hearing the stories of innovators, entrepreneurs and visionaries — from established business leaders to high school students just getting started — gave me a much-needed jolt of inspiration. Even more important, it was a welcome reminder of all the great things happening all over Detroit, where people are determined to rebuild the city. It’s already happening.

The hope is unmistakable.

I wrote about my experience at TEDxDetroit for Eclectablog. You can read all about it below.

TEDxDetroit puts positive stories about Detroit in the spotlight.

You’ve gotta have art

Over at Eclectablog, I’ve been writing a lot about the Affordable Care Act and Michigan Medicaid expansion, in an effort to educate and engage people.

PaintTwirlBut I’m working on number of new posts — including a series of stories about Detroit and Michigan, focusing on the things that make us great. You can watch for those, coming soon. In the meantime, here’s a post I wrote not long ago about the Detroit Institute of Arts, defending one of the jewels of the city.

Dear world: Keep your greedy hands off the Detroit Institute of Arts’ collection

Read for yourself why I believe keeping the collection here is part of rebuilding the city and protecting the interests of people who have invested decades in serving Detroit.

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