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A fresh perspective on health reform

It’s no secret that I’m a staunch supporter of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). But to me, it’s about much more than a single piece of legislation. The ACA is a significant first step in transforming America’s current “sick care system” into a bona fide healthcare system — which is the shared objective of every advocate for healthcare reform.


That’s why I’ve launched a new project called Healthcare Works. The goal of the project is to do more than share people’s ACA success stories, something I’ve been doing for years and will continue to do. Healthcare Works will illuminate how well healthcare works — how access to benefits and a continuum of care can help Americans lead healthier lives. Education is key to helping people see the bigger picture of healthcare reform and all the good it will do.

I wrote about the project over at Eclectablog, and you can read all about it there.

Please follow us at Healthcare Works — and tell us how the ACA is helping you. We’re just getting started. There’s no telling where the project might take us.

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It’s not about politics, it’s about people

I always consider it an honor when people share their personal stories with me.

I’ve been telling people’s healthcare stories for years, but ever since I served as Deputy Digital Director for Obama for America-Michigan in 2012 I’ve been illuminating how the Affordable Care Act is changing people’s lives for the better.

From educating people on enrolling for coverage, to advocating for Medicaid expansion, to amplifying the voices of people who are seeing first-hand the difference having quality healthcare can make, I continue telling these stories.

headshotEvery story — including my own — demonstrates the benefits of the ACA. But I found the perspective of a pharmacy technician, who helps patients every single day, especially powerful.

As this compassionate young woman said, “The Affordable Care Act isn’t a political thing. It’s a people thing.”

I could not agree more.

Read her story in my post at Eclectablog.

The heart and soul of healthcare reform

If you want to feel good about the future of healthcare in America, just spend a few days surrounded by the people Ezra Klein fondly called “healthcare nerds.”

Families1That’s exactly what I did at the 2014 Health Action conference, an annual event hosted by Families USA. I was proud to be among them, learning from some of the best minds in healthcare policy and advocacy. Together, we celebrated how far we’ve come — and shared ideas about how to succeed in the work that lies ahead.

These are the people who are shaping a healthier future for America. Read why in my post at Eclectablog.

[Photo courtesy of Families USA.]

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