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Fresh starts

It’s Easter weekend, and although I don’t celebrate the holiday in the traditional sense, I appreciate its meaning.

It symbolizes the hope of second chances, of fresh starts, of forgiveness. It celebrates the eternal in each of us — the difference we make in this world through our deeds, our actions, our spirit, the unique gifts each of us have to share.

Easter is inextricably connected to spring. Even if the buds are only just starting to peep out, we know they’re coming. The world is waking up from winter, ready to bloom again. Ready for what’s next.

To me, Easter is a time to reflect on new beginnings, on second chances, on fresh starts. What will blossom in the months ahead remains to be seen, but it’s coming.

I believe that trusting in the future is the pinnacle of hope.

To all who celebrate, Happy Easter. To everyone, Happy Spring.