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Working for More than Making a Living

With Labor Day coming up, plenty of people (including me!) are thinking about an extra day’s vacation. But I’m also pondering the nature of work as part of our lives.

Most of us need to work for a living. I wish everyone who wanted a job could find one, and I remain hopeful that day will come.

But practicalities aside, how many of us get to do what we really love for a living? I know I do. And I feel enormously grateful for that. Of course, there are challenges, but the fulfillment outweighs them.

Do you love what you do? I mean really┬álove what you do? If so, celebrate that this weekend. And if you don’t? Maybe it’s a good time to think about changing that. I realize jobs aren’t always easy to come by, but many people are turning tough economic times into opportunities to reinvent themselves. Something to consider.

I’ll never forget the words of a mentor who told me years ago, “Follow your bliss.” Best advice ever.