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Accepting the challenge

I love a good challenge. Especially one that could make me a better person than I am today.

So I accept the National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo) challenge to write a blog post every day in November. Even though my friend and fellow writer/blogger, the exceptional Jim McFarlin (his blog here), asked if I’d “lost my natural mind” by already making a personal commitment to blog three times a week. He may be right, but that’s another matter.

NaBloPoMo, hosted at BlogHer, poses a challenge I can’t resist. I get the chance to connect with tons of other bloggers, exposing me to writers and subjects I might not otherwise find. It will also help some of those bloggers find me and, I hope, become regular readers.

Most important of all, though, is the idea of always being a better writer than I was the day before. And the only way to do that is to write every single day.

Accepting the challenge

Granted, I already write every day (or close to it) for the clients of my writing business. But this blog is one of the few places where I get to write just for me. I can write about anything I want, with no limits on length or style. I am happy to write to the specs of others, but there’s nothing like writing for yourself.

NaBloPoMo is definitely going to be a challenge. But I’m going to take it on with delight.

Because next to a good challenge, there’s nothing I love more than writing exactly what I want to write.