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A new way of looking at wellness

SaladI’ve lived with diabetes for nearly 25 years, which isn’t as tough as it sounds. Thanks to advances in science and medicine, the management of this chronic disease has gotten better and, even more important for people like me, easier.

That isn’t to say there aren’t challenges. But I’ve recently taken charge of my own wellness — something that’s been empowering and transformative. More than ever before, the power to manage my condition is in my own hands, in what I eat and how I live.

I wrote about my journey so far — and what’s prompted a new perspective on my health — in this guest post at the TEDMED blog.

Using my words

I don’t always express myself with the written word. Sometimes I do it with the spoken word — on camera or over a microphone.

MicrophoneI recently had the pleasure of serving as a moderator for a TEDMED Great Challenges live event on the topic: ‘Where Health Begins: Social Determinants of Health,’ where experts discussed how healthier choices and better care can be brought to every community.

Another thoroughly enjoyable experience was being a guest on the ‘Night Shift with Tony Trupiano’ radio show, where I discussed politics at the height of the U.S. government shutdown.

Every time I get to do something like this, I only want to do it more. It gives me the same thrill as performing onstage in a theater always has. The only difference is that I’m using my words instead of someone else’s.

Photo credit: Rusty Sheriff

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