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I’m an expert in creating content to influence and inform. I’m also determined to make a difference in the world. Which is what issue advocacy and political communication is all about.

Whether you’re an organization, elected official, candidate or issue campaign, I can plan and execute a cohesive, compelling multi-media messaging strategy. I have deep expertise in healthcare reform and advocacy, but work on many issues I’m passionate about including women’s and LGBTQ rights.

My digital and field organizing experience with the Obama 2012 campaign as Michigan Deputy Digital Director and a Team Organizer gives me a unique skill set. I’m well-suited to telling the story of an organization’s efforts in the field because I have the advantage of first-hand experience. Plus, I can combine communications and community organizing for highly effective outcomes.

Here’s one testimonial that demonstrates exactly how my combined skills — particularly storytelling — can engage people, motivate action and deliver results.

Want to find out more? Take a look at some of my work in this arena below. You can also view and print my résumé.

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My Résumé

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