what I can do for you

Create compelling content for digital, print and video. As a versatile content strategist, I can apply the right medium for every message. Which may mean uniting all of the above.

Write a single story or develop an entire campaign. And anything in between: blog posts, digital and website copy, social media, branding, feature articles, marketing campaigns, ghostwriting, speechwriting, video, podcasts, collateral materials and news stories. That’s just for starters.

Tackle any topic. Being an expert doesn’t take years. It just takes smarts and diligence. (And I didn’t start out being an expert in the topics I’m well-versed in today.)

Address any audience. There’s a big difference between constituent, business and consumer communications. I tailor my research and writing accordingly, and can write to the style of any project or organization.

Make your life easier. When I take on a job, I run with it. I check in with questions but am otherwise highly self-motivated and self-sufficient. Want someone to collaborate with you closely? I can do that, too. And I’m noted for my flexibility, because projects move fast.